Flights to Houston in full operation from Mathis Field

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SAN ANGELO, Texas – Passengers officially have another flight option out of Mathis Field, and it’s direct to Houston Intercontinental. Skywest Flights is joining American Eagle, who flies to Dallas, to give travelers more options when flying out of San Angelo Regional Airport.

The first plane coming into Mathis Fields was greeted by airport officials and a smattering of passengers on Wednesday. United Air operates d.b.a. ‘Skywest’ and the planes, Bombardier CRJ 200 (CR2) 50-passenger turbofans, can travel at speeds up to 594 miles per hour.

Flights will be non-stop to Houston, an air service the city has been trying to secure for some time. The flight is seen as an important factor in the city’s future growth and economy.

San Angelo Mayor Brenda Gunter made the following statement about the new airline:

“It’s important for so many reasons, certainly one because we believe strongly that our business community is the community that keeps when Angelo’s heartbeat going, if we’re going to recruit companies, if we’re going to continue to develop this city. If we support economic development —which we do — then a flight to Houston is paramount to that energy and effort of supporting economic development.”

United Skywest will offer two flights per day from Mathis Field to Houston, departing at 6:50 a.m. and again at noon.

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