Consignment sale brings discounted items to Concho Valley families

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SAN ANGELO, Texas — Starting May 4 the four-day Just Between Friends Consignment Sale kicks off in San Angelo with days dedicated to team members and consignors and other days going to the general public. 

The event will be hosted at the Foster Communications Coliseum.

Those involved with Just Between Friends call it a “community first” program.

So, with children’s clothes, toys and other things being sold at a fraction of department store costs… families can get the good stuff without worrying about an insane price tag.

“Our big goal is to kind of help families recoup some of the money that they spend on all of those kids’ items because let’s face it, they’re expensive and then also to provide those items for the other families that need them to come and get them at great discounts,” Bonnie Bouher the Consignment Sale Coordinator said.

One thing remains true throughout it all: there’s a lot to choose from.

Helpers are making sure it’s organized for customers to shop with confidence.

“We have it all by size, gender, that sort of thing, all like items together. So, it’s very department store like. So, whenever people come in, they can find everything that they need quickly,” Bouher said.

So far 450 people have registered to sell items and typically the JBF sale sees four to five thousand shoppers come through the doors.

A big change from 13 years ago, where it all started in a church community room

“We’ve grown in size and we’ve grown in our impact in the community. Our ability to give back more. For instance, Rush Street, we’ve been partnering with them and we’ve been able to give them thousands and thousands of items,” Bouher said

While the JBF sale is at the Foster Communications Coliseum that isn’t putting a pause on following CDC guidelines.

“In 2020 we really spread out our sales floor to try and maximize the space in there. We are still trying to limit the people in at any one time,” Bouher said.

At the end of the day, Bouher calls her job a labor of love by helping families in this way.

“Things that maybe they wouldn’t have otherwise been able to find or to afford and be able to say yes,” Bouher said. You know it’s so much easier whenever your kids like they can I have this and you see that it’s like a 3-dollar toy to say you know what I can be the good guy today, I can do that.”

Event details:

Presale Shopping

Team Members and Consignors shop May 4 from 1-7p

Community Presales: May 5 from 1-5p

First Time Parents (grandparents, foster, adoptive)

Military Families

Healthcare Heroes


Public Admission

Tuesday, May 4th at 7pm

Wednesday, May 5: Opening Day 5-9p

Thursday, May 6: 10a-8p

Friday, May 7: 1-6p

Saturday, May 8: 9a-2p (1/2 price sale)

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