Clear the Shelters: Life-Saving Vet Care for Shelter Animals

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Concho Valley PAWS able to provide life-saving vet care through community donations

SAN ANGELO, Texas — Every month, Concho Valley PAWS treats close to two dozen pets that arrive to the shelter sick or injured.

“He’s missing part of his ears, he’s lost an eye,” said Jenie Wilson, Executive Director of Concho Valley PAWS, as she held “Stitch” in her arms. Stitch is a cat that received life-saving treatment by PAWS.

Every month, Concho Valley PAWS treats an average of 20 animals that come into the shelter sick or injured.

“We see everything from broken legs from being hit over by a car, animals that were beaten and kicked with broken ribs, we treat all of them,” explained Wilson.

Prior to PAWS’ partnership with the San Angelo Animal Shelter, animals who came into the shelter sick or injured were euthanized immediately.

“The shelter as a municipal shelter doesn’t have the resources to do this kind of thing. As a non-profit that relies heavily on donors, we’re able to get the community to support us and we’re able to save their lives,” added Wilson.

If an injured animal has the potential to be cured, PAWS takes them in — whether it’s a dog, cat or even an equine friend.

“Just recently we had a pony that was in need of emergency care or he would be euthanized. In just 24 hours we raised over $3,000 that got him the surgery that he needed,” said Wilson.

Once an injured animal has received necessary veterinary care, PAWS finds the perfect home to place them in.

“He was so worth saving,” said Wilson as she held Stitch in her arms lovingly.

If you want donate to provide life-saving care for sick or injured animals, you can donate to PAWS’ Compassion Fund at

From now until September 7th, Concho Valley PAWS will be having FREE pet adoptions to Clear the Shelters.

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