Clear the Shelters: Changes in the San Angelo Animal Shelter’s adoption process

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Changes in pet adoption applications make the process easier

SAN ANGELO, Texas — The San Angelo Animal Shelter, where Concho Valley PAWS’ adoptable pets are housed, is at capacity. To fight this problem, PAWS has made the adoption application process easier.

“65 animals were moved out of the shelter that week. The next week you couldn’t tell. The intake was so severe,” said Clint Dooley, an Adoption Coordinator at Concho Valley PAWS.

To try and combat the issue of over-crowding at the San Angelo Animal Shelter, Concho Valley PAWS has made the adoption process easier. Anyone interested in adopting a shelter pet can go to and simply click on the “Schedule an Adoption Interview” tab, where they can begin the application process before they sit down with an adoption coordinator.

“It’s more of a conversational-based application instead of you sitting down and filling out paperwork. The paperwork was very extensive,” added Dooley.

Before any applications can be approved, a background check has to be done on applicants.

“We make sure you don’t have any legal issues that could compromise the animals,” explained Dooley.

Once an application has been approved and a pet goes to a home, PAWS is dedicated to keeping that pet out of the shelter. They offer services from tips to help training a pet, to make sure the transition to a new home is successful.

“We want the adoptions to work. We’re here to make them work,” continued Dooley.

Dooley says PAWS hasn’t euthanized any animals in over 2 years, but that in order to continue their no-kill initiative, they need more people to adopt.

“To help us to remain in a no-kill situation, we need people to adopt these animals and to keep them,” said Dooley.

All pets adopted from Concho Valley PAWS are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped and come with a leash and a collar. Dooley said they try to equip adopters with everything they need to make every situation the best for each pet that is adopted.

The cost of adoptions vary depending on the pet, but Dooley said people who adopt a pet can save lots of money compared to when buying a pet and having to take it to get spayed/neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped themselves.

Join us for “Clear the Shelters” on Saturday, September 7th! This national pet adoption day is sponsored by our friends at NBC! PAWS will be hosting this special event at the San Angelo Animal Shelter, located at 3142 US Highway 67 North.

Adoption includes spay or neuter, microchip, vaccinations, collar, leash and engraved ID tag.

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