City council approves funds for border patrol facility improvements

Runway and building project at San Angelo Regional Airport

SAN ANGELO, TX – City council voted six to zero in favor of using city tax dollars to encourage further growth and development of the border and customs operation at the San Angelo Regional Airport.

Customs and Border Protection Air and Marine Operations,” explained Bob Schneeman, Economic Development Project Manager for San Angelo. “They fly the predator type drones out of our airport. Our airport is one of the few, if not the only public airport in Texas that allows drone operations.”

The approved $1.1 million assist from the city will mainly go to runway and drainage improvements, as well as equipment storage structures. This is in addition to what the CBPAMO has already spent on improvements.

“They put about $2.5 million into the facility overall” said Schneeman. “Then, as an incentive for them to stay here and expand here as far as our business expansion and retention program we’ve agreed to do a [roughly] $1.1 million project.”

A key point in favor of the project is the added employment and economic growth that it will bring to the area. City council made a point of asking just how many jobs would be added. According to Schneeman, when fully staffed, 62 jobs will be added. Additionally, more jobs may be included as federal workers come for training, which will boost the hotel and motel tax revenue of the city.

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