Back-to-School Bash to be held at Angelo Civic Hall, Sunday, August 15th

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SAN ANGELO, Texas – This summer has really felt like it’s zoomed by, so if there are parents out there already thinking of that first day of school, Joe and Geneva Rodriguez are leading efforts in their first ever north side “Back-to-School” Bash, hoping to lend a hand to the families around town.

The Rodriguez’s decided to move forward with the north side “Back-to-School” Bash because Joe has worked at Lincoln Middle School for a couple of years and felt like it was time to give back.

“Something that felt like was in my heart for a long time for over a year is kind of a dream of mine I guess you know God given dream. What started off as something smalls now turning to something pretty big” Joe Rodriguez said.

To get his dream rolling, it all started with a Facebook page.

“It kind of went crazy from there so people started reaching out local businesses, families that were saying hey we want to help, how can we help you know include us. So that’s really how it kind of worked out” Joe Rodriguez added.

According to Geneva Rodriguez, this process has been eye opening because of the many moving parts; to offer supplies, hair cuts, food, entertainment and to make this Back-to-School Bash a reality, it takes a village.

“They’re donating their time has been awesome everybody all the food trucks and different businesses that are donating are what is making this possible.” Geneva Rodriguez said.

Joe and Geneva say all the backpacks have been donated, now what they really need are the school supplies to put in them.

“So, if y’all would like to donate we’re doing about $25 per student, and roughly there’s about 400 elementary students in the Northside area. And so that’s what our goal is.” Joe Rodriguez said.

And while the idea and namesake of the Back-to-School Bash comes from the northside, they say any and everyone can take part.

If everything goes well this go around, the Rodriguez family say more Back-to-School Bashes are a definite possibility.

The Back-to-School Bash is on August 15th from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the Angelo Civic Hall, 3636 US 87, and while they have received tons of help, they’re still in need of supplies or monetary donations.

If you wish to help out, you can call (325) 763-7750 or contact them on the North Side Back to School Bash Facebook Page.

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