ADACCV expresses their takeaways from National Recovery Month

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ADACCV plans to continue upgrading their treatment for residents with substance abuse

SAN ANGELO, Texas – For over thirty years, millions of Americans celebrate their recoveries from substance abuse in September known as National Recovery Month. Every year during this time, agencies like the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council for the Concho Valley play a huge role with these celebrations in San Angelo. 

“It is so important because we think about drugs and alcohol and addiction, and we think about the pain, the misery and the problems that those cause,” ADACCV program development director Paulette Schell said. “Sometimes we forget to look at those people and remember people who have found recovery that are on a positive road.”

For sixty years, ADACCV has been providing treatment services for people with substance abuse disorders. As time passed, the agency evolved exponentially with their efficiency in lending a helping hand. National recovery month gives them more recognition for the daily objectives they complete on a regular basis.

“Just because it’s National Recovery Month, it doesn’t mean that we stop and celebrate and don’t continue treating people,” Schell said. “We actually just keep doing what we do best and that is helping people find sobriety. Our mission is to save lives and create healthier communities.”

Recently, ADACCV opened their new facility named the Journey Recovery Center. This allowed them to double the amount of people they can serve in residential treatment. Schell says this is a huge takeaway from them and they’ll only improve from this point forward.

“We’re so grateful to the people of the Concho Valley for all of their support and for helping us whenever we’ve made the call for help,” Schell said. “We want to remind you that we are here anytime you need us for prevention information.”

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