Tips and suggestions before the frigid temperatures arrive across the Concho Valley

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San Angelo, TX — Frigid conditions are expected across the state of Texas with temperatures expected to be in the 20s throughout the Concho Valley tonight. Freeze warning are in place for the Concho Valley tonight.

To make sure your house, car, kids, and pets are all OK, here are a few things to think about tonight.

People — When the temperatures begin to drop, certain populations are more vulnerable. Keep an eye on kids and make sure they are dressed correctly. Also, take the time to check on your elderly neighbors.

Pets — Bring your pets inside, especially overnight, when temperatures dip close to or below freezing

Pipes — Protect exposed pipes from cold by wrapping them and cover exterior faucets

Sprinklers — Do not run your sprinklers as they can cause icy patches on the roads and sidewalks

Plants — To make sure outdoor plants are protected, move potted pots closer to the house to provide more heat. If you can, bring them indoors.

For plants in the ground add mulch to protect the plants’ roots, water before a freeze helps hold in warmth, cover with a sheet or burlap (not plastic) and remove when the sun comes up.

Ceiling fans — change their direction so they push warm air down. According to Home Depot, fans should rotate clockwise during the winter months and should be on the lowest speed setting.

Home Depot says that using fans correctly could save 15% on your energy bill.

Tire pressure — A change in temperatures can affect your tire pressure; check all tires and add air if necessary.

Car battery — Cold weather can drain your battery rapidly compared to hot temperatures. Check the last time yours was replaced and consider getting it tested.

Fireplaces and furnaces — Make sure to have your heating and chimneys cleaned and inspected every year. And experts recommend testing your heating system during the day to ensure it is working properly.

Also, never use your oven to heat your home.

Reduce drafts — A draft dog is another way to keep your home warm. By placing it at the bottom of doors, it keeps cold air our. If you do not have one, towels work just as well.

Space heaters — A popular way to way to warm up, space heaters should be at least 3 feet from any furniture or fabric. Make sure your heater is plugged into the wall and not an extension cord.

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