Strong arctic cold front scheduled to arrive Monday

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Bundle up and light the fireplaces! The Concho Valley will be getting a taste of winter for the start of the work week.

An arctic cold front from Canada is moving southward into the state of Texas overnight tonight delivering a few scattered showers and very cold temperatures. Many of us saw pleasant temperatures in the high 70s today. San Angelo recorded a high temperature of 80 degrees earlier this afternoon. This is all thanks to that prefrontal warming as that cold front pushes closer to the Concho Valley.

Tonight expect clouds to begin to build overnight with a few isolated showers ahead of the cold front. Most areas will reach their high temperature tomorrow morning before the cold front moves into the Concho Valley. Temperatures will be in the low to mid 60s for the late morning. Once that cold front pushes through temperatures will begin to plunge into the afternoon and evening hours.

A wind advisory is in effect for all portions of the Concho Valley starting at 11 AM CST and continuing until Tuesday at 6AM CST.

Winds will begin to pick up during the late morning as that arctic cold front pushes into the Concho Valley. Winds will shift from the southwest to the north gusting to 45 – 50 mph at times. These strong winds will be cooling our temperatures even further. Many areas across the Concho Valley will lower down into the low 20s and even the teens during the overnight hours Monday and into Tuesday. Factoring in the wind chill it will feel even colder during the early morning hours Tuesday.

Wind chill forecast for Tuesday morning.

In addition, these below freezing temperatures could cause problems for any showers in the area. Moisture will still be prominent in and around the Concho Valley thanks to the cold front, and any showers and sprinkles that do form will likely produce some sleet during the overnight hours.

Forecast models are coming into agreement on the areas that could see mixed precipitation or sleet during the early morning hours on Tuesday.

One forecast model showing isolated activity along the I-10 corridor along the southern regions of the Concho Valley. Models are subject to change.
GFS Model showing a mixture of precipitation mostly along the southern and central parts of the Concho Valley. Models are subject to change.

It is becoming clear that any mixed precipitation or sleet will occur during the late overnight hours. At this time, southern counties and portions along the I-10 corridor have a better chance of seeing precipitation compared to other parts of the Concho Valley.

If possible, stay off the roads during the overnight hours and wait until sunrise. Temperatures will climb into the lower 40s Tuesday which will help to melt the sleet and ice from any roadways and structures.

If you must drive, go slowly, especially over bridges. Driving along busy roadways will help to prevent ice buildup due to the traffic. Give yourself extra time so as not to speed. Again, this will mostly be an overnight event and temperatures will warm up quickly during the morning hours Tuesday.

Make sure to bring your pets inside and keep them warm. Also, protect any plants by bringing them indoors. For plants in the ground add mulch to protect the plants’ roots, water before a freeze helps hold in warmth, cover with a sheet or burlap (not plastic) and remove when the sun comes up. Do not run your sprinklers and protect any exposed pipes from the cold.

Temperatures will remain below average for the rest of the week. Keep those hats, mittens and jackets nearby.

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