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The end of the year is near as we enter into the month of December. November was very kind to us across the Concho Valley and in the city of San Angelo.

Thanks in part to a few strong cold front we saw 12 days of below average temperatures in San Angelo. The month of November typically starts with an average high temperature of 73 degrees before lowering to an average high of 63 degrees by the end of the month.

In total, 12 days were recorded to be below average and 16 were above. Only 2 days met the average temperature. The average temperature for the month of November is 68.3 degrees. November of 2019 saw an average temperature of 68.8 degrees, 0.5 degrees above average. Compared to our sizzling summer months this is an improvement.

Excellent news when looking at the amount of precipitation that fell over the city. Seven days produced measurable rainfall for San Angelo. The most rain fell on November 7, with a total of 0.56 inches of rain. Typically San Angelo receives 1.14 inches of rain for the month of November. We received a grand total of 1.16 inches of rain, 0.02 inches above normal.

Although it may not seem like a lot it did help to relieve our drought conditions slightly. In the month of October many areas were suffering under extreme drought conditions. Thanks to the rainfall our conditions have slightly improved, decreasing from extreme to severe.

December typically brings drier conditions and cooler weather. The average temperature in December is expected to be around 59.9 degrees and a total of 0.85 inches of rain generally falls.

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