Early feedback on Ports to Plains feasibility study look positive

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City officials encouraged at prospect of economic growth

SAN ANGELO, Texas – The Ports to Plains feasibility study commissioned in 2019 is now in the editing phase, meaning the raw data is in but not yet released. The I-27 corridor project would turn the roadway into a federal highway paralleling I-35 and used primarily for freight traffic.

“We’ve already seen the benefits of having what you could consider the port’s the plains corridor to be,” said Michael Looney with the San Angelo Chamber of Commerce. “Effectively [it is] a reliever route, commercial reliever route, to I-35. 35 is the major north [to ]south interregional highway that runs from from Mexico to Canada.”

Officials in San Angelo, a partner city and potential beneficiary of the Ports to Plains project, say they are pleased with the initial feedback. “For every dollar spent you get 2.4 dollars back,” explained San Angelo mayor Brenda Gunter. “That is phenomenal because as I’ve said, in most cases they’re happy if it’s a one to one relationship. So this, the statistics that are out there that have been gathered, truly justify the interstate corridor”

Coronavirus is also a factor in the discussion, but officials say any impact from the pandemic would more likely economic than anything else. The next phases of the project should begin to roll out throughout 2020 and 2021.

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