Children’s book “The Nuff” released at Texas H-E-B stores

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A new children’s book being released today will be sold only at Texas H-E-B stores.

Today at San Angelo’s Original H-E-B Grocery managers organized a special reading. Mayor Brenda Gunter dropped by the store to read to children. The book is titled “The Nuff” and is about a magic unicorn with a broken horn, who discovers what it means to be enough.

Lora Contreras & Michael Simmons, H-E-B team members spoke about the book’s message.

“It has a wonderful message it’s about all about female empowerment and just letting young women know that they are enough, the way they are and just to go out there and be the bold beautiful creatures that they were meant to be.”

Proceeds from sales of “The Nuff” children’s book will help get copies of the book to schools and non-profits across the state.

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