2019 rainfall for the city of San Angelo and how it ranks to previous years

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The year is coming to a close and many of us were treated to much needed rain across the Concho Valley and the city of San Angelo earlier this week.

The months of April, May, June, and July saw above average rainfall, with the month of May being our wettest month of the year.

Monthly total precipitation for 2019 in San Angelo Mathis Field, TX and how it compares to past years. Data provided by xmACIS2.

Typically for the month of December the city of San Angelo picks up an average of 0.92 inches of rain total (averaging all years from 1907 to 2019). So far, San Angelo is at 0.96 inches of rain for the month, 0.04 inches above average, and we still have more than half the month to go to collect any additional rain that may fall.

The city of San Angelo has picked up a total of 17.41 inches of rain so far this year. The average total rainfall each year for the city should be around 19.93 inches. We are still short by 2.52 inches and the chances for receiving this amount of rain is very slim before the end of the year.

Rainfall records began 112 years ago in the year 1907 for the city of San Angelo. 2019 so far ranks as the 69th wettest year since records began.

Monthly total precipitation for the five driest years in San Angelo Mathis Field, TX. Data provided by xmACIS2.

The driest year on record was 1956 with a total of 7.41 inches of rain. The wettest year was 1919 with a total of 40.88 inches of rain.

Monthly total precipitation for the five wettest years in San Angelo Mathis Field, TX. Data provided by xmACIS2.

The years 2018 and 2016 were the city’s most recent wet years with a total of 34.06 inches and 35.72 inches of rain, respectively.

Nationwide, in 2019, 98 of the 2,750 stations analyzed have already had their wettest year on record, while an additional 645 have recorded a top 10 wettest year. More top records were set in 2018 (133) than in 2019, but this year there are more stations recording 2019 as one of their top 10 wettest years (685 in 2018, 743 in 2019). 

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