SAN ANGELO, Texas — The City and School General Election is over in Tom Green County and now that results are in, they show that voter turnout wasn’t the greatest.

With more than 60,000 registered voters in Tom Green County, only about 6,000 of those made it out to the polls. Election officials say it’s because the importance of local elections isn’t widely known.

“We know sometimes I hear that they don’t know the candidates and they don’t know how to learn about the candidates and so they don’t feel like they should vote it they don’t know that much about the people,” Vona Hudson an Election Administrator said.

While the election is in the rear view, there’s still work to be done by election officials.

“There was a lot of stuff to do everybody’s like, whoa, okay, I think a lot of people think we just work one day a year, but we don’t we worked a lot more than that,” Hudson said.

As they wrap up what they’re seeing is low voter turnout which is an unfortunate norm for local elections compared to presidential ones.

In Tom Green County only 10 percent cast ballots in the City and School General Election while in November nearly 65 percent of voters made their voice heard.

“I don’t think everybody appreciates the importance of the local elections for one, really that’s the bottom line I see more, a turnout for President Elect and Governor than I see for any other election that we ever conduct, and the local ones have the most impact on your day to day lives,” Hudson said.

Convenience and a clean race play a major role in turnout.

“Then you see a lot of turnout because it gets a lot of voter interest at that point and May is a hard election too because we’re on a Saturday, people go out of town now that we’re getting able to travel again,” Hudson said.

While turnout was not the best Vona Hudson tells they sent out around 1400 mail in ballots

“The people that are able and need to vote by mail, they were able to take advantage of that,” Hudson said.

At the end of the day election officials would like to see as many registered voters come out and cast a ballot.

“Everybody’s working just as hard to make our elections safe and secure as we always have. And to make it available to them. So, I really hope at some point they can overcome that because we are trying to serve them and serve their right to vote,” Hudson said.