SAN ANGELO, Texas — The Tom Green County budget adds just over 1.5 million dollars to the Detention Facility that sits just outside of San Angelo’s city limits.

The county jail holds inmates for all types of offenses. Detention Center Major Todd Allen says, “We house anywhere from 17 to 100 years old. Any kind of charge that is a charge against the laws of the state, Class C all the way through Capitol felonies.”

The County’s 2023 Fiscal Year Budget marks the Detention Facility’s operating costs at 12.4 million dollars; which can be broken down to 34,035 dollars per day, or 63.93 dollars per inmate per day.

The Detention Facility is requiring more money in their budget to account for inflation. Tom Green Sheriff Nick Hanna talks about one of the needs for additional funding is food for the inmates saying, “last year we had I think, my numbers is $793,000 for our food budget in our CPI was about 11%. And food is up also. And so we went from $1.31 per meal to now I think we’re at $1.52 per meal. And so just that increase has raised our cost of food couple hundred thousand dollars. And so this year, us and the county, we budgeted $1 million just for food.”

Even giving the increasing costs of certain items, the facility has been able to save on other costs. “We’ve cut down some of the cost of transporting inmates back and forth to the courthouse using video courts. This facility also has a built-in courtroom so we can hold the court out here” Major Allen told us.

To see the full 2023 Fiscal Year County Budget, click here.