SAN ANGELO, Texas — Today is National Honey Bee Day, a day to honor the insect responsible for more than 1/3 of the food the population eats according to Honey Love Urban Bee Keepers.

On the Honey Love website, the National Honey Bee Day program started with a simple concept, “to bring together beekeepers, bee associations, as well as other interested groups to connect with the communities to advance beekeeping.”

On August 11th, 2009 Thomas J. Vilsaek, the acting U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, declared that the third Saturday of August would be National Honey Bee Day. In 2010 a non-profit by the name Pennsylvania Apiculture Inc. was formed to help facilitate the day. 

The new nationally declared day was also a way to pay homage to the beekeepers, whose labors ensure there are bees to pollinate crops which is crucial to agricultural production across the globe. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, approximately 35 percent of crop production worldwide is directly affected by these bumbling and buzzing friends.

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