SAN ANGELO, Texas — The TLCA Eagles’ first-year coach Roger Copeland, is overcoming the odds day after day.

Copeland is a high school coach, teacher, and inspiration who was also born with cerebral palsy. But that doesn’t stop him from dedicating himself to his athletes.

“I’ll be honest. You know, in my situation, what keeps me going every day is the fact that I love this job, and I love my kids. They’re great kids, and they drive me every day to be better,” Copeland said.

Coaching has always been a passion for the first-year head coach and when his grandfather passed away, he nearly walked away from it all. His grandfather always reminded him to never give up and chase his dreams.

“Right before my grandpa passed, the last conversation we had, he told me to not stay home just because I wanted to be home.  He told me to follow my dreams. So after we had that conversation, I started applying to every school in the book. When I interviewed here at TLCA, it felt like a family and I felt like I belonged here,” coach said.

As the Eagle’s season is officially underway, they have snapped their 24-game losing streak and obtained their most wins in two seasons. Maybe it’s safe to say, it is the “Copeland effect.”