NEW YORK CITY (NEXSTAR/WATE) — When confetti falls on New York City’s Times Square on Thursday, it will include thousands of wishes from people around the world.

“Your wishes will be added to the confetti that flutters down in the heart of Times Square on New Year’s Eve!” according to a Times Square statement.

A Wishing Wall set up in Times Square and another online invited people to submit their goals and dreams for the new year. Those wishes are being printed onto the actual confetti that will be dropped on revelers at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Wishes made in Times Square
(Photo courtesy of Times Square Alliance)

“Whether it’s a personal goal, a dream for the future or doing something for the very first time, these wishes are added to over a ton of confetti that floats down at midnight onto the revelers gathered in Times Square in celebration of the new year,” the statement said.

A test of the multi-colored confetti’s “airworthiness” is scheduled for 11 a.m. Tuesday from the marquee of the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square.

The deadline to submit wishes has passed, but you can get an early start on wishing for 2022.

Wishes can also be shared on Twitter and Instagram using the #ConfettiWish hashtag. The Wishing Wall is sponsored by Planet Fitness.