DALLAS (KDAF) — Not one, not two, but three top prize tickets were sold for one of Texas Lottery‘s games from Feb. 28’s drawing. Those three winning tickets were sold in Dallas, Amarillo and La Marque, the Texas Lottery reported.

The three tickets will net the claimants $25,000 in winnings as they each matched all five of the winning numbers, 1, 3, 17, 33, 35. Fun fact, two of the three winning tickets were not Quick Picks (Dallas, Amarillo).

The Dallas ticket was sold at the KPP Food Mart on Red Bird Lane — the Amarillo ticket was sold at the Twins Market on East Amarillo Boulevard — lastly, the La Marque ticket was sold in Mini Grocery Market.

The Texas Lottery reports 108 winners won a second-tier prize of $350 after getting four of the five winning numbers correct.