HOUSTON (KIAH) – It’s another cool moment for CW39 Houston’s Chief Meteorologist Adam Krueger as yet another big name in the music world shows their appreciation for Krueger’s skills.

Montell Jordan, singer of the 90s hit “This Is How We Do It”, shared and commented on Krueger’s “sneaking words in the weather” video on social media where he uses lyrics from the song in his weather reports on live TV.

Montell Jordan commented on X (formerly Twitter), “This is GENIUS. If this doesn’t go viral, the innanet is broken.” Many of Krueger’s videos have gone viral. In fact, dozens of them have over one million views. Jordan also shared Krueger’s video on his Instagram page.

What song will Krueger do next? He never reveals ahead of time. But, if you listen closely while watching “No Wait Weather and Traffic” weekday mornings, you may recognize some lyrics cleverly disguised in his weather reports.

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