There is an online petition to change the day of Halloween


Little children in Halloween costumes

(CNN) – Have you ever been disappointed that certain holidays, or your birthday, land on an awkward day of the week? Many kids look forward to Halloween each year. A night to dress up as spooky ghouls, dazzling princesses, ferocious pirates, and collect as much sugary candy as possible.

It is too bad that, more times than not, the sugar-laden holiday is set right in the middle of the week, when would-be revelers have to get to bed early.

However, there is a petition aiming to change that. This time, instead of demanding #Justice for A$AP Rocky or storming Area 51, it’s lobbying to bump Halloween from October 31 to the last Saturday of the month.

The petition was launched last year by the nonprofit Halloween & Costume Association who argue that moving the date of Halloween will lead to a “safer, longer, stress-free celebration.”

The roots of Halloween are a lot deeper than Party City commercials might have you believe. Halloween, an abbreviation for All Hallows’ Eve, originated as a pagan festival celebrated by the Celts thousands of years ago.

As a part of Samhain, a celebration of summer’s end, people went “souling” — they would go from door to door asking for “soul cakes” or food and drink in exchange for a song, dance or prayer. Trick-or-treating got its start there. Now, it is the main way we choose to commemorate October 31. But trick-or-treating can be dangerous, especially for children.

So how does moving a date make this spooky holiday safer? In theory, it would mean Halloween would kick off during daylight hours and not interfere with work or school schedules. Perhaps that is what makes the petition appealing to so many.

After its rallying cry, the petition lists safety tips for both parents and partiers. “63% of children don’t carry a flashlight while they are (trick)-or-treating. Grab a clip-on light if they don’t want to carry one! Children are more than twice as likely to be hit by a car and killed on Halloween.”

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