There are now 25 positive cases of COVID-19 in San Angelo


San Angelo, Texas- Tuesday’s numbers from the COVID-19 testing in San Angelo have returned one new positive case.

The latest case is a young adult male with no recent travel or reported contact with a positive cases. This is classified as a case of community spread.

On Monday, April 6, two positive cases were released from social isolation/quarantine. Another positive case was discharged from the hospital, and sent to his county of residence. That county’s health department will monitor the patient. This case will eventually be removed from the Tom Green County case count and transferred to the patient’s resident county count.

The City of San Angelo said the following about the releasing of positive cases.

“The removal of positive cases from quarantine/isolation is based on guidance from the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) and Center for Disease Control (CDC); therefore, the health department will report the number of positive cases that have been removed from isolation in adherence to these guidelines. Because removal from isolation is on a case-by-case basis, a cumulative count will be reported on a weekly basis every Friday.

As a local health department, we are under the umbrella of DSHS. When it comes to case management, DSHS does not report on the medical management, recovery or follow-up of patients on any infectious disease. We follow suit.

DSHS and the local health department are focused on identification of infectious disease (in this case COVID-19) and the notification of contacts of said case(s), as well as providing and adhering to guidance issued by DSHS or CDC. The health department would also report any deaths associated with the disease. Medical management, follow-up and recovery information of patients are between the individual and their medical provider or physician.”

Here are the latest numbers from San Angelo COVID-19 testing:

Total Tests CompletedPositive TestsNegative TestsPending TestsReleased Patients

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Current status of COVID-19 testing in San Angelo