The San Angelo Benchmark Research unit is in the process of phase two with vaccine trials


Phase three of the clinical trials are expected to happen very soon

SAN ANGELO, TX – In the wake of the recent surge in COVID-19 cases in San Angelo, Benchmark Research has been conducting in-depth studies about the virus for several months. Since then, health experts have developed new ideas for treatment and vaccine trials.

“Phase one clinical trials, which are the early trials on humans, started essentially 63 days later,” Dr. Darrell Herrington, who’s a principal investigator for Benchmark Research said. “So that was light speed essentially and it’s been progressing rapidly since then.”

There are at least two companies that have completed phase one of clinical trials. Those companies have entered phase two with more details and results expected.

“There’s only eight sites in the country doing that,” Dr. Herrington said. “So then phase three trials are scheduled to start by the end of July, or the first part of August and that is much more expansive. There will be hundreds of sites let’s say across the country with thousands of people involved.”

Dr. Herrington says if people are social distancing and wearing masks, then it certainly does limit the spread of the virus. Not all of the air we breathe comes directly through the mask.

“Certainly wearing a mask at least signals a sense of respect for both the disease and for anyone who may be apprehensive about having to go out and being fearful for their own health and safety.” Dr. Herrington said.

The San Angelo Benchmark Research unit is currently enrolling subjects for the phase two clinical trials. They will be starting phase three followed by another trial very soon.

“There certainly is the possibility that many local residents of this area can get involved in that clinical trial and it is double blind, placebo controlled.” Dr. Herrington said.

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