(KLST/KSAN)– The Original Henry’s first opened it’s doors in the late 1970s. Since then, the restaurant has offered great food, drinks, and hospitality making it a popular spot in San Angelo.

“We are beyond blessed with this restaurant,” Rosa Torres, restaurant manager, said. “We have continued my dad’s legacy. He’s been gone 5 years, and we seem to just keep getting busier and busier.”

Jan Kuri has been a frequent customer for the last 20 years. She says she has been coming back to the restaurant because she loves the food, but the parking- not so much.

Torres said over the years, parking has become an issue as more people stop by to grab a bite.

“Especially with the older people, it’s hard for them to walk so far,” Torres said.

That’s why the owners are working to add 40 new spaces over the past few weeks. Kuri said the extra parking is long overdue and very welcome.

“It will make it easier for everybody,” Kuri said.

In order to add more spaces, owners decided to tear down the old building behind the restaurant.

“That was our storage,” Torres said. “That’s where we kept our extra chairs, tables, booze, equipment our Christmas decor- pretty much anything that we didn’t use at the restaurant was kept over there and it was full, so we had a garage sale and had to get rid of some stuff, but we have to pretty much throw a lot of it away.”

Torres said while needing more parking may seem like a problem, she sees it as a blessing in disguise.

“So I say it’s a blessing from God. It’s better to need more than to have all of these empty spaces,” Torres said.

Construction is expected to be complete by next week.