The Lone Star Warriors Outdoors program continues their weekend of hunting


The Lone Star Warriors Outdoors program continues this weekend as eighteen veterans from around the United States come together to go hunt.

This is the fifth year the Lone Star Warriors gathered in Christoval to help each other with PTSD recovery and suicide prevention. 

The bonding and the comradery helps these vets talk through their struggles and they will all share their stories in a campfire group therapy.

The benefit of being outdoors is to help others who have been in similar situations.

President and Founder of Lone Star Warriors Outdoors, Chris Gill, says “I just got a text just a couple of days ago from a friend of mine in Colorado that said if it wasn’t for this organization, the people here that supported him, that he wouldn’t be there today.”

They have ten to twelve hunts a year and it is a year-long process to put together.

The San Angelo Support for Veterans Organization helped them stage the event.

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