The Holocaust – Learning from the Past


BERLIN, Germany –  Deidre Berger is the Senior European Affairs Advisor for AJC Europe, a global Jewish Advocacy Group. She’s an American with family ties to Texas who’s been working in Germany for 35 years.

“History needs to be remembered because if we don’t, we can’t move forward,” Berger said. “We’re seeing unfortunately a resurgence of open anti-semitism, of racism, in all parts of the Transatlantic World.”

Her hope is to maintain a culture of memory regarding the Holocaust especially for the younger generations.

“Questions start arising, why should we care,” Berger said. “They say we’re not that generation, it’s not our responsibility. We can’t remember history the same way. Each generation has to discover anew, what it learns from history and how to maintain the narative and expand it in a way that’s relative for today.”

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