The government shutdown will not greatly affect the Concho Valley


Chairman of Tom Green County Democrats, David Currie, says, “what makes America great again is it’s honesty, it’s decency, it’s compassion. And that’s what we’ve got to get back to.”

Unable to make an agreement on providing five billion dollars on a border wall, the Democrats and Republicans might force the government to shut down.

President of the Unites States, Donald Trump, says “We have to have border security. We have to build a wall that has border security.”

According to the Senate Appropriations Committee, if the government were to shut down more than 420,000 federal employees will work without pay and over 380,000 will be furloughed. However, local republicans are optimistic.

President of the San Angelo Pachyderm Club, Fred Contreras, says, “they don’t think they want to shut down the government. You know, they have a lot of government offices around here. We need people to get paid.”

The Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is proposing a stopgap plan up until February.

Sen. Maj. Leader Mitch McConnell, says, “the measure will proved the resources necessary to provide continual operations through February the 8th.”

With the new year, comes a new majority in the House of Representatives, and local Democrats believe in a healthy compromise.

“The problem for Trump is, if you do that short term to February deal, then the Democrats are going to control the house. And he’s going to have to compromise even more, which I think is healthy for government,” says Currie.

Government services that will continue are the US Postal Service, TSA, Social Security Checks, Medicare, and Medicaid.

Here in the Concho Valley, Goodfellow Air Force Base will continue to operating as normal because the government is funding the department of defense through next year.

“It’s Christmas. People need to work, they need their paychecks,” says Currie.

The Concho Valley’s Local GOP Chairman, Jeff Betty, says the Concho Valley will be largely unaffected.

“I don’t want a political victory that people get mad at Trump because he shut the government day. That’s not the point. The point is to solve problems,” says Currie.

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