The dangers of online dating


Dating online can be dangerous.

ASU student, Jeremy Ifasso, says, “we don’t know really who is behind the screen until we see them face-to-face.”

Jeremy has used the online dating apps, and like many other students…

ASU student, Eric Valle, says, “that should be creepy. You don’t know this person and they want to meet up already.”

ASU student, Sonja Gonzalez, says, “I don’t know, I’d be kind of cautious about it.”

Taking precaution while you’re looking at other people’s profiles is key, so when it comes to our own profiles, it is important not to overshare.

Public Information Officer for SAPD, Tracy Gonzalez,says, “never put your personal address out there. Don’t show your phone number at first. Don’t provide an email. Don’t tell the person where you work.”

Educating yourself on the safety tips these apps provide is recommended.

“If at any time, the person that they are speaking with, mentions money, seeks out financial information or financial help, you need to end that conversation immediately,” says Gonzalez.

So, let’s put our phones away. What happens when the time comes to meet with that person face-to-face?

“Crowds are key,” says Gonzalez.

It is not only those a public area that should be aware of where you are, but also a friend or family member.

“You need to let them know where you’re going,” says Gonzalez. “If you decide to change locations, you need to update them, and it really wouldn’t hurt to let the person that you’re meeting know that you’re telling a friend or a family member where you’re going.”

Officer Gonzalez says when ordering, to keep the alcohol to a minimum.

“Don’t let that person go to the bar and order for you and bring it back,” says Gonzalez. “Make sure you’re ordering directly from the wait staff or you actually can see them carrying it. You know, you never wanna leave that window of opportunity for something to be put in your drink.”

It is not just alcohol that we need to be worried about.

“Don’t have that false sense of security, well, I’m just drinking Sprite. It can happen to sprite, they can put something in your water, it doesn’t matter,” says Gonzalez.

Officer Gonzalez says that when using the restroom, take all of your belongings, and when you come back, don’t drink from the same cup. She also says it might be a good idea to pay for your own meal.

“They feel obligated if that person has paid for everything, they are more inclined to lessen their guard,” says Gonzalez.

If there is any unwanted interactions, Officer Gonzalez says to report it to the site and not to feel embarrassed about reporting it to the police.

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