SAN ANGELO, Texas — The holidays can be a difficult time for families who have lost children. The group “The Compassionate Friends” helps families cope with grief.

For 33 years, the group “The Compassionate Friends” has helped grieving families cope with losing a child.

“We lost our little girl in a car episode. Someone came to our home and that’s how we found out about The Compassionate Friends,” said Amy Linthicum, who is a part of “The Compassionate Friends.”

After being inactive for the last few years, the group is back in business thanks to West Texas Counseling and Guidance and the “Katrina Cardenas Endowment Fund for Grieving Parents.”

“We’re so grateful to be able to have it happen again and on a weekly basis. Anyone who has experienced this can grow and heal together. It’s a support group. I have heard many beautiful stories about how this group has become their family. We’re so grateful to be a part of this and have this opportunity for our community,” said Tabbatha Lenard, who is part of the Community Relations team for West Texas Counseling and Guidance.

The group will be meeting weekly beginning on December 19th at the First United Methodist Church downtown.

“Whatever it is that you celebrate, it can be hard when there’s a void in your heart and you’re missing someone special. We thought this was an opportune time to remember those who are special this time of year,” added Lenard.

On December 3rd, the group hosted a Memorial and Candlelight Ceremony to honor lost loved ones during the holiday season.

“It’s truly been a gift from God. The timing and the volunteers. The true meaning of Christmas is that God gave his son for us to have everlasting life. God knows our pain. Hopefully we can embellish that and not turn away from that,” added Linthicum.

For more information you can call West Texas Counseling and Guidance at 325-486-TALK (8255).

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