SAN ANGELO, Texas- Need plans for the weekend ? Chicken art farm has got you covered with plenty of activities as they open up again under new leadership.

“Chasity and I are trying to get our arms around the current operation and we want to make sure we preserve the culture it’s been around for 51 years,” said Justin Oakes, co-owner of the Chicken Farm Art Center.

In hopes of doing that they are hosting a Friday-before-1st Saturday concert in their yard, their chicken pickers music circle, and will host their first vendors market since the reopening.

“So, the first Saturdays we’ve got vendors that have been coming out here for a very long time. Some of them were close to 15 years but were also open to new folks coming out and setting up a booth. If you’ve got a hobby, your making something in your garage, you’re not really sure how to sell your art, we’d love to have you out here at the chicken farm,” said Oakes.

Chasity and Justin also urge locals to stay at the bed and breakfast, ‘Inn at the Art Center, where they can enjoy a more in touch experience with the grounds.

“Come and stay, enjoy the experience, bring your wine or beer, take a walk around the complex, and you’ve also got front row seating to all the outside artists that come on Saturday,” said Oakes.

While some changes will be made, Chasity Oakes, Co-owner of the Chicken Farm, says they plan to keep the integrity and the spirit of the art center Roger Allen created years ago.

“We want to continue the legacy that Roger, Jerry, Susan, and Pam have created over the years. We want to be able to grow the culture but somehow get more people involved. I think there’s a lot of younger generations that we’d like to start bringing into the chicken farm,” said Chasity Oakes.

Once they saw the property they knew they had a gem on their hands.

“It’s just a magical atmosphere that feels different than being anywhere else in San Angelo or much less almost the state or the country because you’re inside the middle of a city but you feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere,” said Chasity Oakes.

This is a weekend to enjoy country and rock classics while browsing some of the Concho Valley’s local art.

“We’d love to see you at the chicken farm sometime,” said Justin Oakes.