SAN ANGELO, Texas – The border crisis continues down in south Texas and Congressman August Pfluger paid a visit to the border town of Rio Grande Valley to learn more about the issues.

During his visit, he spoke to border patrol agents about what they see on a daily basis. He says Americans need to be aware of what’s happening at the border. He tells us, if this were to happen in their communities, they would be outraged.

“As we went through the facility I talk to migrants and I saw the fear in their eyes of the journey they had just been on and knowing that they are basically entering indentured servitude.,” Said Congressman Pfluger. “At the end of that visit, I saw a thug, who was a 6’2, 240 pound apparently a convicted felon from Mexico that was living illegally in McAllen. On the top of his hand, he had a tattoo, it was a skull being crushed. So, I asked the border patrol agents what is the significance of that tattoo and they said he is a punisher. He is responsible for upholding the rules and the laws of the cartel.”

He also learned at a round table with Odessa and Midland Sheriffs, that drug crimes are evolving as cartels find new ways for distribution.

“They are flying the drones above the border wall, dropping off several ounces of fentanyl pills with illegal immigrants throughout the United States. It is impacting our community right here,” added Pfluger.

We spoke with Tom Green County Sheriff Nick Hanna to see how the influx of migration is affecting us.

“One of the problems we’re seeing already, is a lot of our jails are really full. Some of the jails on the border don’t have room for their inmates, so they are contracting the counties in our area,” said Sheriff Hanna.

In total there have been 23 migrants arrested in Tom Green County, although they were customs-related holds rather than violent crimes.

“The fact that we’re not feeling the immediate impact of it does not make it less of a concern for us here, not only for our community but the sheriff’s office and our law enforcement community. Our finger is on the pulse of the border and hopefully, we’re doing things that are going to help us keep our citizens safe,” said Sheriff Hanna.

Congressman Pfluger says he will continue to hold the federal government responsible for the security and protection of the borders.