The annual National Friends of Libraries Week concluded this weekend


The library system will make more plans in the near future

SAN ANGELO, Texas – This past week, America celebrated the 15th annual National Friends of Libraries Week. The time is utilized to creatively promote your group in the community, to raise awareness and to promote membership. This is also an excellent opportunity for libraries and board of trustees to recognize the friends for their help and support of the library.

“Something that’s really impactful about friends is that not only were they all brought together for this love of books in the library, but they’re local and they’re invested in the community,” Tom Green County Library system programming and community relations librarian Amy Dennis said. “So when you see them out and about, they’re really big proponents of the library and they support our mission and our vision.”

Usually the Tom Green County Library system hosts luncheons, tea parties and many other in-person activities during this yearly event, but with the pandemic in the way, adjustments had to be made.

“This year the virus is still with us,” Dennis said. “So this week hasn’t been quite as boisterous as we usually would like, but we were still able to celebrate. Staff sent thank you cards and we were able to visit in person and say thanks.”

This event not only helped boost their relevance within the community, but it also benefited their overall book sales. This will allow the library system to make more plans in the near future.

“Usually for the annual book sale that we have is busy all day,” Dennis said. “I mean it’s packed into the convention center all day, but we were surprised to see that mirrored here in the basement for the smaller monthly sales that we now are having this fall and hopefully into the spring.”

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