LUBBOCK, Texas — The Dalhart community remembered sophomore Yahir Cancino in an “Honor Walk” at University Medical Center Monday night.

More than a hundred of Cancino’s friends, family and teammates of all ages lined a hallway for a procession at UMC as doctors transported his body to the operating room for organ donation. They then raised an honorary flag outside the hospital in commemoration of his sacrifice.

“I want them to remember that he was a kind person. He was a loving person,” Cancino’s father, Isaac Hernandez, said. “No matter what situation, he never had malice in his heart. He was always honorable. He made me be a better father. He was just a great kid. He will always be a great kid. I will always love him and I miss him terribly.”

The Dalhart Golden Wolves football team donned their purple jerseys, joined alongside football players and families in Smyer High School blue. His teammates led the crowd in a chant of “Yahir Strong” after UMC nurses gave remarks in honor of his organ donation.

Cancino’s father said people loved Cancino across the continent and have supported their family graciously.

“The community of Dalhart, Amarillo, even all the way to Cincinnati, Arkansas, New Mexico, Mexico, California, we just ask they they keep praying for the family, they pray together, and they’ve already done so much. So much that I can’t fathom, I can’t see the full extent of it. If it was in terms of distance, I can’t see that far. So I just ask for prayers and everything that you do, do it in Christ’s name and honor him with your actions. Because I believe he would love that,” Hernandez said.

A GoFundMe organized for the family has raised more than $43,000 as of Monday night. Hernandez said they hope to continue Cancino’s legacy through acts of kindness in the future.

“I hope we make some things happen in the future to honor him, different charities we can organize, even kind acts day to day. We just keep going.”