WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A Wichita Falls girl is using her TikTok success and unique skill of axe-throwing to impact the lives of others this holiday season.

Axe throwing can be a really good stress reliever but also an even better way to raise some money.

“I think it’s awesome. I think it’s like escape rooms. Everybody loves it and we enjoy teaching everybody about it,” Rosalie Alfert said.

Meet 15-year-old Rosalie Alfert. She’s a straight-A student and axe throwing coach at the Chooch Axe Throwing Arena. And, with more than 90,000 followers and 250 million views, she’s basically Tik Tok famous.

While the views and likes are nice, Alfert is using her social media success in a bigger way.

“We’ve seen others on TikTok raise money and we were like, that’d be so awesome for charities around us. So the creator fund are live gifts and our followers sometimes will send us gifts because they know we’re working on charities” Alfert said.

Rosalie said the funds that she receives through TikTok and her fans will be used to help brighten other lives.

“So far we’ve raised $750 and I’m sure we have more on the way. I don’t wanna speak too soon but it’s going well and yeah we’re hoping to give a donation,” Alfert said.

A donation to a charity near to her heart: the Good Samaritan fund over at Presbyterian Manor. It’s a fund that helps keep elderly residents in their living communities even if they’re going through a financial hardship because everyone deserves a home for the holidays.

“Whenever I was little I was like I want to make the world a better place and start with my community. So this is one step closer to little Roaslie’s four-year-old self,” Alfert said.

She adds that it’s having an impact on those around her while doing what she loves that keeps her going. Not the likes, or followers.

“We’re so thankful for everybody watching. I have people all the time, they are like, we saw your videos so we came. So the support that Wichita Falls have given us and it feels so awesome that we’ve built up our community and are able to give back together,” Alfert said.

Rosalie invites you to stop by the Chooch and pick up an axe but if that’s not your style, well she said you can always watch one of her TikToks.

Rosalie plans to gift the Presbyterian Manor with a check sometime before Christmas.

Click here to check out the Chooch Axe Throwing website.