MCLENNAN CO, Texas (FOX 44) — Tomorrow is the last day for residents to register to vote in the midterm elections.

The McLennan County Elections Office says to be fully registered as a voter, residents need to send in a signed registration application.

Those applications are available at the election office, the post office, libraries, and other municipal locations.

Voters are also able to mail in applications if they so choose.

“If you mail it to us, make sure that it is postmarked with tomorrow’s day no later than tomorrow’s date,” Election Administrator Jared Goldsmith said. “So another place you can find an application. You can find the applications online at You can fill out the application, but you must print it and he must sign it. And you must make sure that the original is received by our office by those deadlines.”

Early voting begins Monday, October 24 and both Goldsmith and Bell County Public Information Officer James Stafford are expecting a large turnout this year.

“We are seeing an increase in voter turnout, which is great,” Goldsmith said. “And so we’re expecting a high turnout. Again, I don’t know if it will be as high as what we saw two years ago during the presidential election. Presidential elections usually have the highest turnout of any election. However, this is a governor’s election.”

“Absolutely. There’s definitely a lot of interest and in this election,” Stafford said. “And I think that’s reflected in applications to vote.”

Goldsmith did encourage McLennan County residents to vote before election day to stay clear of long lines on November 8.

“Actually, a pro tip is to go vote on the weekend,” he said, “You would think a lot of people go vote on Saturday or Sunday afternoon, but actually those are usually some of our slower times, especially Sunday afternoon.”

If you have any questions about what to bring when you go to vote or what the ballot looks like, click here for McLennan County and here for Bell County.