WACO, TX (FOX44) — Two weeks have now passed since Dallas experienced record-high flooding causing one death, multiple crashes, and many rescues.

This week five volunteers, a part of the Waco Regional Baptist Association, traveled there to do what they can to help the community recover.

The volunteers coming from Waco and China Spring are with the Texas Baptist Men cleaning out flooded homes.

They brought their mudout unit with them to help families have a new start.

“They had to have had about two foot of water in them which made you have to remove all the boring drywall insulation,” said Sam Yates, Texas Baptist Men boot camp team leader.

Yates has been with the Waco volunteers going door to door cleaning flooded homes.

Director of Waco Regional Baptist Association, Tim Randolph sent them off Sunday fully equipped to get the job done.

“Shovels, picks, saws, crowbars, and sprayers, all kinds of different equipment like that,” said Randolph.

So far the team has worked on two houses removing water damaged parts and spraying the area to prevent mold and fungi from growing.

Yates, a part of a bigger team with 25 volunteers, says the impacted homes they’re working on are in low income areas.

“Some of them are really distraught, we’d go out talk with them and pray with them, try to let them know that we’re there to help him where they could see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

Other relief teams have done work in Dallas before the Waco volunteers showed up to work on remaining houses.

One of the five volunteers staying there for the week, Randolph says more are coming to help when able.

“There’s six that are there all week and then probably four others from our association, so ten from the association here and then probably two others from another part of the state,” said Randolph.

When asked why they keep doing this work and for over 10 years now Randolph says the answer is simple.

“They work long, hard hours, but they all do it just because they want to show the love of Christ to whoever needs it, and that’s kind of the motto,” said Randolph.