WACO, Texas (FOX 44) – In 2020, Cornerstone Caregiving was founded to help the elderly age in place comfortably. Since then, the in-home care business has taken off nationwide.

Director of Business Development, Joshua Owen says, “We specifically serve the geriatric population across the US. So if your grandmother falls or gets sick or is in need of care, we provide the caregivers that go in there to do daily assisted living, so that they can stay in their home and age in place.”

Cornerstone Caregiving is locally owned with 12,000 employees and 127 offices across the U.S. The company is expanding and always looking to hire in Waco with both owners growing up in the area and attending Baylor University.

After the recent shutdown of the Owen-Illinois plant, Joshua Owen reached out to Mayor Dillon Meek to see how Cornerstone could help.

“I think over 300 people lost their job and I’m always hiring. So I texted, how can I be connected with the person that’s on the ground floor in helping these people? And he sent me a couple contacts,” says Owen.

Currently Cornerstone Caregiving has 127 offices and is projected to have at least 200 by 2024. The in-home care services include transportation, exercise, housework and companionship to name a few. Dedicated to consistent, compassionate and dependable care, Cornerstone is in 35 states and by the year 2025, they expect to be in all 50.

When asked about the name Cornerstone Caregiving, Owen had this to say, “We want to have a corner on every market in the United States to provide good care to them. And… we want our foundation to be in Christ… All of our success is not our own. It’s only from the Lord. And so with that kind of foundation and rock that Cornerstone has, I just think all the blessings and all the success that we’ve seen has been very clear as to why.”

Cornerstone Caregiving also works closely with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to ensure optimal health care is provided to our nation’s heroes.