Waco, TX (FOX 44) — Waco city council members are in favor of a feasibility study to look into the possibility of having a Minor League Baseball stadium.

This stadium and the team are a part of Waco’s overall downtown redevelopment project.

The research for Waco to have a baseball stadium came from a recent study looking at the growth and opportunity to make the downtown area a destination hub.

Waco city planners recognize that the downtown area is a hot spot for real estate and development. The recent study showed how Waco also has the potential to support a strong fan base for local sports, though.

Being a new idea for the city to consider, planners want to conduct a full analysis and additional market research to see if this can be possible to accomplish. Waco is considering an agreement with Hunden Partners to do the analysis. They’ve done work for the Dallas Convention Center, Rangers Stadium, and Fort Worth Stockyards.

Tom Balk, Waco’s director of strategic operations, says outside of baseball, the stadium can serve in multiple forms.

“When the sports team isn’t playing, the field then becomes available as a concert venue or becomes available as the kick-off area for a marathon. We’ve heard about campouts and jamborees for the Boy Scouts as well. So the point is, you want a facility that’s going to support that 24-hour-a-day activation, but also that 365 days a year,” said Balk.

This study will cost $200,000.

With this price, Hunden Partners will also do a study on the possibility of having a new convention center and headquarters hotel, among other developments in the downtown area.

75 groups have already shown interest in developing this stadium.

Research will now be done in the possibility of having a baseball stadium. The findings will then be given to the city council to start negotiations with developers to decide who will create and eventually execute the design in January.