BELLEVUE (KFDX/KJTL) — Construction at Bellevue ISD led to an incredible discovery and coincidence you simply can’t make up.

While removing the sign outside the school, a time capsule from 100 years ago was discovered, and that’s not even the most unbelievable part of this story.

It’s like something out of a movie.

“It was unbelievable, it was just unbelievable, like I said the hair stuck up on your arms, and it was just wow,” Bellevue ISD Superintendent Wade Wesley said.

The construction company working to add on to the Bellevue ISD building decided to move the school’s cornerstone to even it out with the new construction and have the brick match.

“On the top of it, there was this hole made for the time capsule; when we pulled the time capsule out, there was several items in it, and the most intriguing item in it for me, was there was a newspaper, and the newspaper was from the Bellevue News,” Wesley said. “It was the 14th edition, the 8th volume in the 14th year, and more importantly, the date on the newspaper was July 28, 1922, 100 years to the day.”

“One of the articles in the paper was that the masons were to lay cornerstone of a new school building,” Bellevue ISD Principal Lori Shoemaker said. “It’s interesting that we built a building 100 years ago, and now we’re finally adding on and just expanding our facilities for our students.” Bellevue ISD Principal Lori Shoemaker said.

The uncovery of the time capsule is a complete coincidence Bellevue ISD leaders say is a God thing, with gifts that will keep on giving.

“One thing that’s unique about Bellevue is that we have multigenerational families, so I think it will be interesting for our students to find family names inside of these artifacts,” Shoemaker said.

There are plenty of artifacts, like the list of PTA members from the time, and some of the others are just as intriguing.

Inside, they also found an 1853 quarter, a class roll from the class of 1922 and a World War I victory medal.

“Someone must have given that up, and how precious of a medal that must’ve been for someone to give up,” Wesley said.

Also inside were two Bibles, decaying and ripping at the seams, but precious and a part of the district’s foundation.

“Our school was built on a strong Christian faith, and the Bibles need to go back to where they were,” Shoemaker said.

They’ll go back inside a new time capsule for someone else 100 years down the line to find. Will it be a century to the day? We may never know.

Wesley said they’ll probably ask for public input to decide what to do with all of the items besides the Bibles.

Shoemaker said one thing for sure going in the new capsule is a class roster from 2022.