SAN ANGELO, Texas —  Bob and Kelli Phillips of the Texas Country Reporter are headed to San Angelo on August 22 to celebrate the Lone Star State with our symphony orchestra.

A Texas Tribute will be held in the Murphey Performance Hall as part of a live concert tour at 7:00 PM. This event coincides with the 50th anniversary season of Texas Country Reporter. The concert explores the story of our state from its founding through the oil boom and more. Enjoy an evening of Texas tunes, history, and humor!

San Angelo has been featured many times in the Texas County Reporter through the Latest Scoop in October of 2018, Fiddle Fire in May of 2019 and as the Visual Arts Capital of Texas in June of 2021 which can be seen below from their Youtube page.

Tickets for this event range from $45-$75. Student tickets (ages 3-8) are $25.

Tickets can be bought here.