WACO, Texas (FOX 44) — The Heart O’ Texas fair and Rodeo began Thursday October 6 and will continue through October 16.

Over the next ten days, you can get all sorts of food, ride rides, play games, see animals and so much more right here in the Heart of Texas.

“Our mantra this year is raise the standards,” Senior manager of marketing and sponsorship’s Melinda Adams said. “So we are trying our best to just elevate the experience for our attendees. You know, just really think about the little details and how things are laid out and the attendee experience.”

Last year, they had over 230,000 people attend, and they hope to top that this year.

“I think it’s going to be more than that because we have a really awesome lineup,” Adams said. “We have more nights of rodeo. We have just a lot more things going on this year. So I think we could probably top that.”

One thing new this year is an app with an interactive map, vendor lists and much more. It also shows what promos and discounts are available for each night.

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There’s also new signage and lighting around the fairgrounds to help people get around easier.

Also there are now nine nights of the rodeo rather than five.

“They wanted to bring more entertainment to the fair,” Rodeo announcer T.C. Long said. “They’ve upped the concerts. The fair is bigger and better than ever.”

Long has been the announcer for this rodeo for a while and says the rodeo talent this year is huge.
“It doesn’t matter if you’re two or 92, there’s something that’s a part of it,” Long said. “And with nine nights of rodeo, great entertainment. But rodeo is unlike any other. It’s not like going and watching a stage show where you’re going to see the same thing. So if you come nine nights of rodeo, you’re going to see something different every night.”

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