KILLEEN, Texas (FOX 44) – All over the nation Hispanic Heritage month is being celebrated.

Tuesday afternoon, before the Killeen city council meeting, Mayor Debbie Nash- King wanted to honor local Hispanic community organizations for the hard work they did for the city.

“The idea behind this is to come together and make sure we work as a community where we live, right where we work. And this is the idea about coming together,” says Juan Rivera, CEO of the Hispanic American Chamber of Commerce Central Texas .

The city of Killeen says the national theme of this year’s observance is Unido’s: inclusivity for a stronger nation.

“When you’re unido it means you’re united. You are one mind and your walk is going to resemble each other. In the words of Cesar Chavez, we either move together forward or we don’t move at all,” says LULAC Herencia #4297 President AnaLucia Carrillo Tapia.

Lulac President AnaLucia Carrillo Tapia says the Killeen community has represented that for many years.

“We’ve been through COVID, we’ve been through Vanessa Guillen. We’ve been through Melissa Lucio sitting on death row. We’ve been through a lot of challenges. However, we managed to still pull together,” says Carrillo Tapia.

While today was a day of celebration, CEO of The Hispanic American Chamber of Commerce Central Texas Juan Rivera wants everyone to keep Puerto-Rico close to their hearts as the island has been hit with devastation due to hurricane Fiona.

“I want you to to keep them in your prayers we can celebrate all we want but our brothers and sisters are suffering right now not only in Puerto-Rico but also the other islands around that area,” says Rivera.

Lulac wants those who have been affected by hurricane Fiona to know that they stand by them.

“It’s a challenge. But know that you’re not by yourself. Know que aqui estamos. And the strongest thing we can do is pray for them and then show up with the resources,” says Carrillo Tapia.

Here are some ways you can help Puerto Rico:

Brigada Solidaria del Oeste

The Puerto Rican mutual-aid group is asking for donations of emergency essentials for residents, including first-aid kits, water filters, solar lamps and water purification tablets.

Global Giving

Global Giving, a nonprofit that supports and connects other nonprofits with donors, has launched the “Hurricane Fiona Relief Fund” — aiming to raise $1 million to help residents on the island and other communities across the Caribbean.

Funds raised will help first responders “meet survivors’ immediate needs” for food, shelter, fuel, clean water and hygiene products, according to Global Giving.

Hispanic Federation

The nonprofit, which provides support to Latino communities across the U.S., says the organization is already on the ground in Puerto Rico providing emergency relief services and essential supplies to communities across the island.