AUSTIN (KXAN) — A two-year-old Texas boy has already mastered the art of ordering food from a phone — complete with tipping his driver.

Barrett Golden, a Kingsville boy, ordered a whopping 31 McDonald’s cheeseburgers using his mom’s DoorDash app, according to a Facebook post from his mom, Kelsey.

“I have 31 free cheeseburgers from McDonald’s if anyone is interested. Apparently my 2 yr old knows how to order doordash,” she wrote. The post now has nearly 5,000 shares and 70 comments.

Kelsey told our NBC affiliate in Corpus Christi, KRIS, that Barrett was playing on her phone Monday when she got a notification from DoorDash saying her order was going to take some time to prepare.

“He usually likes to take pictures of himself, and so he was doing that… and he um… I thought I’d locked the phone, but apparently I didn’t because then DoorDash came with 31 cheeseburgers,” she said.

The dasher showed up with a little over $75 worth of cheeseburgers and got a $16 tip from Barrett, according to KRIS.

The Texas family was able to hand some of the cheeseburgers out to neighbors and save some for later.