BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — A Brownsville man who allegedly assaulted his family then head-butted police as they tried to handcuff him, police say.

Christopher Cruz, 28, was arrested around 11:30 p.m. Dec. 10 at the 800 block of West 16th Street on charges of aggravated assault, harassment on public servant, assault on public servant, two counts of assault family violence, and resisting arrest, according to information obtained by ValleyCentral from Brownsville Police Department.

Officers were called to the home after a report of an assault in progress. When authorities arrived, a man outside was bleeding from his mouth and told officers that Cruz was “inside fighting with the whole family.”

Inside the home, police told Cruz he was going to be detained while an investigation was underway.

“As officers attempted to handcuff Christopher he started to pull away,” police stated. “Officers were able to pin him against a wall, but Christopher started to head-butt an officer. Christopher managed to strike an officer in the face with his head.”

Police pinned Cruz to the ground and used a stun device on him, police said.

“Christopher continued to fight officers and spit on an officer’s face,” police said. “Christopher went through another cycle of the Conductive Energy Device.”

Officers arrested him.

According to police, a woman at the home told officers Cruz had gotten upset because he did not approve of the outfit she wore an outfit when she went out. Cruz assaulted the woman and then another family member who tried to intervene, authorities stated. The other family member lost consciousness, police said.

When the family member regained consciousness, he went to get another family member who was able to pin Cruz down until officers arrived, police said.

Cruz was arraigned Dec. 10 and his bond totaled $90,000.