Temple, TEXAS (FOX 44) — Temple Police Department have identified three suspects over the weekend who stole from Corinth Baptist Church.

The theft happened one month ago, and the historic congregation is still in disbelief that someone could do this.

Corinth Baptist Church Pastor, Dr. Ulysees Barnes, says the theft occurred early Sunday morning on October 2nd with three intruders breaking into the building’s side door.

Barnes came in around seven on the same day for service and was told there was a problem.

“Deacons walked through the building and said, ‘Pastor have you seen the door?’ I said, ‘what door.’ He said, ‘someone broke in our church,’ I said ‘you’re kidding,'” said Pastor Barnes.

Pastor Barnes gave security footage to Temple PD on October 3rd to help identify the intruders.

It’s the church’s second break-in in the last 10 years.

“They took two keyboards. They took three amplifiers, and a large speaker,” said Temple PD property detective Justin McCormick.

These items plus broken door repairs cost over $6 thousand.

Pastor Barnes has now installed wooden bars on the doors for reinforcement.

“You can’t just bump it with your shoulder no more to get into the center where at night we have our security system. The alarm is on,” said Pastor Barnes.

It’s taken a month for Temple PD to identify the suspects.

At this time no names have been released

“They’re all local. They’re all males, mid-upper forties,” said detective McCormick.

We asked Pastor Barnes for his thoughts on the entire situation.

He said he felt sorry for them.

“You may get away from the law, you may get away from everybody else, but there’s one person you can not get away from, and that’s the Lord,” said Pastor Barnes.

When arrested, Temple PD says the suspects will be charged with burglary, a felony worth two to five years if convicted

Pastor Barnes hopes the intruders repent and turn the other cheek.

“And I pray my prayers that they will come to themselves and seek for forgiveness,” said Pastor Barnes.

Temple PD is currently looking for the suspects.

If you have any information leading to an arrest please call Bell County Crime Stoppers at 254-526-8477.

To support Corinth Baptist Church, the congregation is celebrating Pastor Barnes 32nd anniversary on November 13 at their sanctuary.

It will be held at 3:30 pm with Dr. Charles Maze, pastor of Mt. Zion Baptist Church of Temple being guest speaker.