TEMPLE, TX (FOX 44) – Temple Fire and Rescue is bringing in a new class of 12 cadets for its 11th fire academy.

The academy takes 16 weeks being a closer step for cadets to become firefighters

The cadets started in the classroom today learning the history of firefighting and what they’ll be doing on the job.

Cadet Maddison Tamez says being a firefighter will fulfill her life purpose.

“Bravery and the courage to go in burning buildings, or even go and try to help people that might be panicked or anything like that. I think that’s amazing and super honorable,” said Smith

Tamez grew up in Temple and has lived here her entire life.

After hearing about firefighters in middle school, she knew it was something she wanted to pursue.

“They just had a really good impression on my life, and so I figured I’m old enough to go ahead and pursue that now,” said Tamez.

She has taken the civil service and physical exam and will be hired with four other cadets to work for Temple Fire Rescue upon coursework completion.

Training captain Jason Haltom says once class work is done, the cadets will move outside to physical training.

“Every morning they’ll get here, they’re required to do whether it’s running or exercising in order to get in shape,” said Haltom.

Recognizing the need for more firefighters in Texas, Haltom is looking forward to working with his first class of cadets.

“Actually get to see them grow and see how they can better themselves and prepare themselves for a lifelong career as a firefighter,” said Haltom.

Receiving certification to become a structural firefighter, the other cadets will use their experience to apply at various fire departments.

After Tamez completes requirements at the fire academy, she’ll have to do EMT work followed by a probationary period, while she attends paramedic school.

“It’s a lot of schooling, but I definitely am super ready for it,” said Tamez.

For anyone interested in becoming a firefighter, the City of Temple will hold a civil service exam at the end of September.

Their next fire academy will start in late January.