AUSTIN (Nexstar) — In 2023, Texas lawmakers crafted and considered a historic amount of bills primarily impacting the state’s LGBTQ+ community. Policies passed to prevent some medical treatment for transgender children, ban books mentioning LGBTQ+ topics in public schools and criminalize some performances critics worry could include drag shows.

LGBTQ+ activist Lane Lewis sorts through Lawrence v. Texas documents with photo in foreground showing him standing with lawyers and defendants in the case that struck down Texas’ homosexual conduct ban as unconstitutional. (KXAN Photo/Josh Hinkle)

Repeatedly referenced regarding such legislation is a measure passed 50 years earlier, outlawing “homosexual conduct” in the state. Though the U.S. Supreme Court declared it unconstitutional in 2003, that law still exists in Texas – one of only a few states yet to repeal it.

Through vast video and audio archive research and extensive case analysis, our investigators explore why the statute remains, its lasting impact and the fight over its possible removal. We look closely at its supporters and opponents, the legal challenges standing in the way and related efforts unfolding now and in the near future.

A kiss shared at Austin Pride 2023 (KXAN Photo/Josh Hinkle)

Many of the journalists working on this multi-platform project are LGBTQ+ staff members with unique, developed and inside perspectives providing nuance to our fair, rigorous and balanced reporting standards. Explore their complete investigative project here, and watch the extended State of Texas episode featuring their docuseries above.