WACO, Texas (FOX 44) – Senator Ted Cruz visited Waco on Friday for a State of the Nation Luncheon and spoke with the media regarding Name Image and Likeness.

Cruz hopes the government can help colleges and student athletes navigate the unchartered waters of the NIL in an effort to save the landscape of college sports.

“I’ve introduced is a discussion draft, a discussion draft of federal legislation that could help protect athletes, but also ensure that college sports can remain competitive and keep what is so wonderful about it going forward,” says Senator Ted Cruz.

The discussion draft empowers the NCAA to enforce rules across the league and right now there are multiple ideas about what the government’s role should be in college sports.

“Some have proposed putting the federal government in charge of this, having a federal agency regulate college sports. I got to say, I think that’s a bad idea. I certainly don’t want to see federal bureaucrats deciding what constitutes rough in the passer,” says Cruz.

Instead, Cruz believes college athletics should follow the model put in place 100 years ago by President Theodore Roosevelt resulting in the NCAA. In addition to allowing athletes enjoy the benefits of their Name, Image and Likeness.

Baylor President Linda Livingstone also weighed in on the draft discussion showing her support of the efforts by Congress to help provide potential solutions and a framework for NIL.