UVALDE, Texas (ValleyCentral) – All 21 victims in the Robb Elementary School shooting have been identified. Now the Uvalde community wants to make sure their names are never forgotten. 

“Remember the kids, remember their beautiful spirit, remember their character, the quality of their laugh, you know they were a light in the world,” said a San Antonio supporter, Ida Villavicencio. 

Flowers and candles fill the crosses with the names of each victim in the attack. 

This marks Texas’ deadliest school shooting in history. Those here in support say the children and teachers are more than just a statistic. 

“They’re not another number, they’re not another statistic, not part of data analysis, they’re people that were present they were here they meant something,” said Villavicencio.  

People drive hundreds of miles to Uvalde to show their support and tears continue to be shed, while flowers are laid on each of the crosses. 

“Especially for me as a mom of 3 boys, two are in school. It’s heartbreaking for them as well, seeing them ask questions like why,” said San Antonio resident, Erica Cruz.  

The main message shared by the community in Uvalde is that there is strength in numbers. 

They want to make sure those impacted by this tragedy know they are supported.   

“Remember the kids and show the whole community that we love them and we’re willing to stand out here and show people today that we are here for them,” said Raven Vasquez.