WACO, Texas (FOX 44) — Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick visited the Waco Hippodrome as part of his bus campaign before the midterm elections.

He spoke to press about border security and the fentanyl crisis in Texas.

In the past, Texas has spent $400 million for border security. But this year, the state has allocated over $4 billion and Patrick blames the federal government for the hike.

“Where is the Biden administration on border security?” he said. “You either have no heart because the number one killer of young people in America now is fentanyl the number one killer. Or you have no brain because you don’t know what’s going on. And I don’t believe they have no brain. I think they know exactly what’s happening. I think this is part of a much bigger plan.”

Another topic he touched on was veterans rights and benefits, as Texas is home to multiple military installations.

He touched on the decrease in property tax for those injured or killed in battle and the advocacy for veteran owned businesses.

“I’m glad they retire here,” he told FOX 44 News. “Quite frankly, I think when most people retire from the military. They stand for our flag. They stand for our god. They stand for our country. And that’s not something we’re seeing from the other side very often. So we love our soldiers and we will always be on the front lines for them.”‘

Patrick also spoke on the Ulvade shooting and requests received for a special session on gun reform.

“We have now a lot of recommendations that we will be issuing in a report very shortly. And so we will be ready to roll come January. And that will be a high priority.”

Patrick headed to Temple and Gatesville this evening before moving on with his tour.